Avante Treatment Center Opening in Utah to Provide the Highest Level of Care Possible

Avante Treatment Center is set to open its doors in 2019 and has decided its flagship treatment center will be in Utah.

Utah provides not only a great community for people in recovery, but has also experienced the opioid epidemic. Avante Treatment Center's aim is to help the population of Utah by providing best in class service and treatment of addiction.

Avante Treatment Center will focus its initial efforts on hiring the best of the best.  The stance of Avante Treatment is that the people providing the treatment are the most important part of the stay at the center.  They are responsible for providing the care and understanding that will lead to lasting sobriety for each client.  It is because of this that Avante will be paying a higher rate than is standard in Utah to entice only the best clinicians to join the team. 

Avante Treatment Center will be offering executive-level addiction treatment for alcohol and drug addiction in a residential setting. They will offer the full continuum of care for those suffering. Additionally, Avante Treatment Center clients will enjoy fun, outdoor actives geared toward teaching residents how to live a sober life. 

Avante translates to Moving Forward. This is exactly what the treatment center does. Going beyond traditional 12 step methods of recovery and focusing more on a truly holistic approach to recovery. This approach includes 12 step methods but also evidence-based therapies, and therapies that help the underlying cause of the addiction and use of drugs and alcohol. By the end of treatment at Avante, clients understand their addiction and have a full set of tools to help them remain sober.

Source: Avante Treatment Center