Google Partners With LegitScript to Verify Recovery Centers, Allowing the Drug Rehab Agency to Resume Adwords Campaigns

The Drug Rehab Agency is happy to learn that Google has partnered with LegitScript to verify addiction treatment centers to ensure they are a true recovery center. With this verification, The Drug Rehab Agency, and their clients, can resume the use of this platform.

As part of the LegitScript's evaluation, treatment centers must meet a 15 point criteria. This criteria ranges in depth from full background checks to verifying insurance. They will also require the centers policies and procedures manual which shows they are committed to providing effect recovery services for those battling addiction.

The policies and procedures move is genius.

Marcus Hansen, CEO

"The policies and procedures move is genius," said Drug Rehab Agency CEO, Marcus Hansen. "We have provided consulting on over 100 new treatment centers in over 20 states. Each state requires the policy and procedures manual to become licensed in the state. By requiring this, you immediately remove the spammers, lead generation companies, and body brokers."

"Although this move is huge, and will help many centers that don't have massive marketing budgets, as an agency it is our job to never forget what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. We were flooded with phone calls after the removal of Adwords from treatment centers, and many centers went out of business. That is why we highly recommend a more level-headed, long-term approach to successful marketing. I wrote a blog on it this morning as well," Mr. Hansen continued.

According to Legit Script, the process of inclusion should take roughly 10 days. The cost is paid directly to Legit Script and is the Application fee is $995 and then an annual cost of $1,995. You can begin the process by following this link –

Source: The Drug Rehab Agency