Resurgence Behavioral Health Launches Website and Begins Location Searches

Resurgence Behavioral Health, out of Newport, CA, has launched their website to begin the process of offering addiction related services to the United States. 

"As the opiate epidemic is growing, and the level of care in California is declining, we have identified a need for a true, customized treatment solution for people needing help." said a company spokesperson. They continued "Our treatment facilities will start with a true evaluation of where the patient is.  Mental health background and current drug or alcohol use.  Based on this evaluation, we will provide them both 12 step, faith based, and evidence based recovery options.  This will allow the patient to have bought into their treatment.  Once they are bought in we create a 90-180 day plan for their recovery.  This, of course, includes time in our residential center, but also, how they manage once they leave the inpatient center.  This is where we see the highest fall off in recovery."

California has come under fire as of late for the "spin dry" approach to addiction treatment.  Mainly, pop-up sober living homes that are more focused on the bottom line than the service that is being delivered. Resurgence Behavioral believes they can increase success rates and take a large share of the market. 

As the residential detox and rehab require a beautiful location, the founders are currently reviewing options and searching fro a property that would provide the best environment for care.  They will start locally in southern California with plans to expand north and east throughout the country. 

Source: Resurgence Behavioral Health