The Drug Rehab Agency Expands Its Treatment Consulting Offering

​The Drug Rehab Agency, an addiction marketing and consulting agency for treatment centers in the U.S, has announced that they have increased their consulting offering to include program creation, insurance verification and billing, staffing and licensing

"More and more start up treatment centers are coming to us for help with their new project. We want to ensure that we provide services that fit the needs of our clients and adding these areas was an easy decision for us." said The Drug Rehab Agency Founder, Marcus Hansen. 

"We looked at the areas of the treatment industry that hurt centers the most.  Starting with how you can actually start a center which requires program creation and licensure.  Then we looked at the quality of the program which is heavily dependent on the staff. Finally, the financial aspect of owning a center, which the verification and billing.  This rounds out the top 90% of needs for our clients and allows them to work with the same consultants and marketing company that they have trusted before."

Source: The Drug Rehab Agency


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