The Drug Rehab Agency Launches 'Big Data' Marketing for Recovery Centers

The Drug Rehab Agency, a drug rehab marketing firm, has launched big data for recovery marketing. This program allows treatment centers with multiple facilities and websites to share visitor data between the sites to increase the relevance of advertising. 

The Drug Rehab Agency CEO, Marcus Hansen says, "Our technology allows those with multiple websites for either multiple centers or even lead generation websites to share who has visited the sites with each other. Meaning, these brands can now market their multiple centers to the same person and let them make the choice."

The drug rehab agency created a video that explains how this process works and it can be viewed here. The thought process is that each treatment center spends money promoting itself. However, it's unlikely that a single center is the right fit for every visitor. If the brand owns multiple centers that offer different care, modalities, etc., they can target visitors from one center with another center's messaging. Working with The Drug Rehab Agency data team, they are able to develop an understanding of what site visitors are doing and the best way to marketing across all brands. 

"This will change the way large brands market to those seeking treatment." CEO, Marcus Hansen said. He continued, "Think about a large company like Acadia Healthcare. They have over 500 centers around the country. If they took all that data, which they are paying for through marketing channels, and combined it with targeted messaging, not only would their business see an increase in ROI, but their customers would have a much better advertising experience."

The Drug Rehab Agency is rolling this product offering out to speak with facilities that have 5 or more locations and are willing to invest in TV, Radio, Paid Search, Content, and Social Media advertising. "This is not a light switch. By that I mean, when you start this campaign you don't immediately see an increase in phone calls. That is why we are only working with larger brands that understand the value of creating long-term, sustainable, ethical marketing strategies," said DRA President, Mason Sanchez. "I know I speak for Mr. Hansen when I say, based on what we are seeing change in marketing, if you want results today and only today, you won't be here tomorrow. It's just that simple."

Mr. Hansen finished by saying, "If you don't own your brand, the United States Congress will. It's time you own your own brand and become something better than what this space has been for so long."

To reach The Drug Rehab Agency, you can visit their website at or contact them at 877-506-8389.

Source: The Drug Rehab Agency


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