The Drug Rehab Agency Launches Search Retargeting to Provide New Marketing Avenue for Treatment Centers

The Drug Rehab Agency, a subsidiary of M.D. Media LLC, has launched a new line of display products aimed at helping centers effected by Google's update to their Adwords platform. 

In September of this year, Google updated their paid search platform, Adwords, to eliminate ads being shown for selected keywords within the addiction space.  Obviously, this left centers and lead generation companies wondering how they are going to continue to be in front of people searching for treatment.  The Drug Rehab Agency CEO, Marcus Hansen, wrote a blog on the topic, here

The move is an obvious one for us.

Marcus Hansen, CEO, The Drug Rehab Agency

Thankfully, The Drug Rehab Agency had spend the previous months testing a new platform for re-targeting people that are actively searching for treatment.  Although, this is not done on a cost per click platform like Google Adwords, it takes data that websites store as to how a person landed on the website.  This includes keyword data.  For those that land on sites after searching for treatment based terms, The Drug Rehab Agency's software will begin serving them advertisements for clients.  

"The move is an obvious one for us," said CEO Marcus Hansen. "Our team has seen the value of targeted display and programmatic buying in many different industries. So, we invested in a test and it showed great results.  Now, we are excited to offer this to current and select new clients that are searching for a new avenue of traffic and leads."

The Drug Rehab Agency is an addiction treatment center marketing and consulting company that focuses only on the addiction space.  They offer complete digital marketing as well as TV and Radio ad management to grow their client's business.  

Source: The Drug Rehab Agency