The Drug Rehab Agency Now Offers 1-on-1 Consulting With Founder Marcus Hansen

Addiction Center Marketing Consulting

The Drug Rehab Agency, one of the country's premier addiction marketing companies, is now offering 1-on-1 marketing consulting with founder and CEO Marcus Hansen

"I built this business eight years ago and have seen a lot of change - some good, some bad - and I have had the pleasure of working with the largest facilities in this space. It's time I recognize that we may not be the best agency for everyone, and that is okay. However, a lot of the centers we speak with don't have a proper marketing plan in place. If they do, they lack the tracking to allow for scaling and redistribution of budget," said founder and CEO Marcus Hansen. "I am happy to be offering this true 1-on-1 experience to executives in facilities that just need an outside opinion."

The Drug Rehab Agency works with over 20 treatment facilities around the country and continues to push and test the boundary of marketing within the substance abuse space. This includes introducing re-targeting specific to addiction centers. 

"What I hope to do with this project is give up 5-10 hours a week of my time to addiction treatment facilities that want to do this the right way. They want to drive traffic to their website, convert that traffic and help people get their lives back," said Hansen.

To learn more about consulting with Marcus Hansen, contact them via their website to schedule a time to speak. 

Source: The Drug Rehab Agency