The Drug Rehab Agency Strikes Marketing Agreement With Cedar Point Recovery Center

The Drug Rehab Agency has solidified an online marketing agreement with Sprout Health Group's Sacramento addiction treatment center, Cedar Point Recovery

"Cedar Point Recovery is the only Sprout Health facility in California, so we are honored and excited to show dramatic growth over the course of our engagement with Sprout Health Group," said Drug Rehab Agency CEO Marcus Hansen. He continued, the increase in addiction-related deaths in the northern California area is extremely troubling. In the past, most residents would head south for treatment.  Now they have an option for a higher level of care, close to home.  We are very excited to start getting the word out to the community that needs it most."

Cedar Point Recovery runs several houses in the Sacramento area. Each house is divided by gender and treatment level.  As a full service treatment facility, they offer detox, inpatient, PHP, and outpatient services for those that stay close. 

Their treatment facilities are elegant and relaxing, without being a vacation home.  What sets Cedar Point apart is their ability to handle dual-diagnosis cases. Dual-diagnosis is a mental illness such as depression or anxiety, plus the use of drug and/or alcohol.  This type of treatment requires a higher level staff to ensure the safety of all residence. 

Cedar Point Recovery can be reached by calling 866-441-3700 or you can visit them in person at 8950 Cal Center Dr #160, Sacramento, CA 95826. 

Source: The Drug Rehab Agency


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